January 27, 2011

I have been proposed to multiple times. Most of the time in jest, or maybe I just took it that way. I make a mockery of that type of commitment but secretly crave it. I love the idea of a white picket fence, the big family, tons of kids, a supportive, loving, funny husband. Lots of family and friends, community, it all appeals to me.

Just burnt a tick with a lighter. He was found creeping on my bed and this Land of Smokey will not allow for creatures that suck blood and possibly carry diseases. Tick Fever is no laughing matter.

Latest proposal comes from The Adventurer, a little romance I had about two years ago. Met him at one of my former places of employment. Such a bad ass and at the same time intelligent and street smart and kind. We had a very chaste three week romance until we parted ways. Things never got beyond PG 13, and yet we still chat and communicate to this day. He's always held me in high esteem, though I believe its just because he met me in a very chaste moment of my life, thus this clouds his opinion (or that's my very own convoluted stream of thought and paranoia). We've always had these very intense chats on FB, where we joke around about starting a commune on a farm, far off in some mountainous region, where we grow our own food and school our kids... religious LSD trippin' hippie shit, what else?

When he was here we took off to some far off islands where we relaxed together with only our voices to keep each other company. On the way back he spotted a huge snake crossing the road, which he caught with his bare hands; the picture I took shows the snake draped on his shoulders, the snake's head securely held between his left index and thumb. Fearless would be a good word to describe him. Also reckless in a very calculated way. A real man in the sense that he hunts and he can look inside your hood and diagnose what is wrong with your car, fix shit with his God given hands, while speaking to you on an intellectual, rational level.

Lanky, with a schnoz that would make a yenta or two proud, multi colored eyes, shockingly straight hair that shoots up at odd angles. A crooked smile and a gentlemanly way. I always felt like his type of man doesn't really exist anymore. A Man's Man.

I'm going through a dry spell right now, can you tell?

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