April 16, 2009

This is your brain on drugs

  • The most rational panamanian ever
  • Trying to hide my flabby stomach (poke fun at yourself for pity: 10 points)
  • Panamanian hipsters! We´re so cool we wear tight ass pants that cut off the blood flow to our toes causing them to fall off! Much like diabetes!
  • If I really wanted to be your friend I would have made the effort before.
  • What the fuck these italics refuse to fucking go away.
  • Ok now I fucked it up even more and pressed the bold button and now the bold button refuses to go away. This dashboard is cursed.
  • Fuck the pallet! Black is for losers anyways.
  • Spastic Fantastic! My next shirt with the silhouette of a demented little girl dancing spastically. Fucking trademarking that shit NAO.
  • I could really use a healthy serving of food. Any food would do, except that food you know I don´t like or prefer or even choose over worse shit. Namely most veggies (yes now you look at me like I´m the crazy one..).
  • The Italics are gone! Bye!