October 7, 2009

Awesome things today:
  • bought my cleats and some awesome NB sneakers for a total of $53.00!
  • this purchase also means that I didn't get the job I was hoping for but,
  • it means that I can now go back to smoking all the weed I ever wanted to smoke again!
  • this deserves a second sentence just for me to really brag about it. WEEDWEEDWEED!
  • it also means that I have to keep working at the place where I am kind of "feh" about
  • back with my bitchy co-worker who fucking hates my guts and is jealous of me
  • I figured out she was jealous today when she played back an entire conversation I had with an Israeli a month back. I couldn't even remember!
  • there is not much to be jealous about.
  • I also feel like she is stealing my people technique and it is kind of freaking me out.
  • saw a acrazy movie with A. the weed didn't help make it any more coherent. Sex, drugs, and severely jaded, moody, teens.
  • how glad am I that stage is over and done with.