June 18, 2009

Dude, fucking hire me already! I am more than qualified, I will work my ass down to the tailbone, I will get shit done. I will dance like a monkey on crack for the money and then I'll dance some more! No joke. What do I got to dooooo to jump through these hoops?!!!

Ok so, no man on my radar. I am the truly OK person without a significant other and without any real interest in anyone. I know, it's kind of freaky. I have no prospectives, no one to stalk on Facebook (or their home, who am I kidding?). No one to shamelessly flirt with, no one to wear sexy undies for, no one, nothing and I am fine with this. Saw my ex boyfriend today and didn't feel like hiding out under a rock. He's the same, he won't ever change. Invited his on and off girlfriend to the bar, we'll see if she goes. In fact, I'll be surprised if she does go. She surely has balls if she goes. I have nothing against her only her asshole boyfriend.

Cute guys por todas partes, but none that spark my interest. Maybe it's time to buy a vibe and give it a name.

I could, I should, I would, I am.

I am.