March 22, 2009

I keep saying I want a tattoo (have the design ready and everything), but I never make any valid move towards getting it. Maybe I don´t want it all that bad.

I'm kind of seeing this guy, I didn´t realize it until today, but yes we have been on a couple of dates. Dates that I didn´t even realize were dates until he mentioned it in passing. Then it dawned on my poor oblivious head that yes, he does in fact have the same feelings that I have for him. This makes me giddy. A bit hesitant as well since I don´t really want anything serious right now. But oh, the joy of the first couple of dates, the flirting, body language, the innocent accidental meeting of fingers on skin, th electric jolts, the swarm of butterflies in your stomach. The aching, beautiful anticipation of seeing the person and memorizing a knuckle, a slender finger, the soft hairs dotting his forearm, his golden skin color.

I downloaded some new music and new music is very much like the first couple of dates. Excitement to hear the new melodies, the new voices and lyrics and songs. Memorize the words and find meaning to their sung odes.

My cousin gets in from the US this afternoon. I hope my high fades away a bit so that I don´t become The Stoner Cousin. The family already has an Oops I Got Knocked Up At 17 cousin, an I Am A Recovering Heroin Addict, the last thing they need is a J the Stoner Cousin or J the deadbeat hostel working pothead cousin.

My mom is a walking talking Mal Trip. Definition of Mal Trip: someone who harshes your fucking flow, takes away the happy feelings, brings you back to reality, makes you aware of something you didn´t really want to be aware of, puts you in an awkward situation, etc. I hope this trip to pick up my cousin doesn´t become 45 straight minutes of Mal Trip with my mom.

March 16, 2009

You know your mother is a pothead when:

She steals the joint you were saving for a special occasion and then when you mention how your joint has gone missing she pretends she has no idea what is going on. Finally after much prodding, she admits she smoked it, and then she mentions that it was good shit.

March 5, 2009

Random Thoughts:

  • I could really go for some El Ejecutivo french toast right about now.
  • Just say not to excessive facial piercings.
  • People actually still propose marriage? I thought getting knocked up had changed that.
  • Ugh, really too many piercings.
  • Sometimes Facebook is a little too real.
  • It's kind of odd to find high school facebook friends and see all the changes. Have we really become adults? How weird.
  • Just say no to tribal tattoos. What are you in 7th grade or something?


Or how not to get what you're looking for pt. 1.

Whenever you out an ad in craigslist you will never ever get the response you're looking or hoping for. Really.

Thoughts On:

Looking at pictures of girl you don´t really like all that much on Facebook: I can't wait to look at your pictures and pass judgment on them.

I might be a terrible person.

Long Lost (Crazy) Relative

I have this cousin who lived in the same country with me till she was about 6. From then on she lived in the US and her and I never really had any conversations. I heard about her through the grapevine (she got knocked up and had a baby when she was 17) and I am sure she heard things about me as well. Suffice to say we were not very close in comparison with the rest of the cousins we have in common. She recently found me via Facebook a week or so ago and has been inundating all my pictures with "I love you. Miss you prima" all over the place. If I had a wall she'd be plastering it with questions and I love and miss you's.

I told my mom about her behavior and my mom mentioned that she (my cousin) was bipolar or something along the lines of it. She's been plastering the walls of all the cousins as well. Why do we feel that we're blood related we must be so wishy washy and I love you and touchy feely? We definitely wouldn't act that way with strangers, but we feel it's ok with family members we haven't seen in years?

Maybe I am just not the touchy feely with strangers regardless of their blood relations-type. I kind of just pity her. I mean, she's gained a bunch of weight, is kind of loony, is the babymama of a 7 year kid, lives off of food stamps, and is on a billion different meds. How else am i supposed to feel? Facebook is probably her fantasy getaway.

Spoken vs. Heard

Spoken: Mel Bell says, "I just got back from flag football."

Heard: I hear, "I just got back from the hospital." and say, "OMG, wtf, are you ok? Why were you at the hospital?!".

Grammar is nuts!

Munchie Food vs. Non-Munchie Food

a) Rice Crispy Treats

b) Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

c) Feta cheese squares in oil and spices

If you chose C) you are not only correct but also very obvious.